Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Have you met the bar?

Allow us to introduce you to our bar.  Subscribing to the philosophy that life is too short to drink cheap liquor, we stock a pretty top shelf bar.  Cocktails don't always require the finest booze, but don't slum it too much.  Remember, life is too short...

Meet the regular players:


Top Shelf:  Ron Zacapa 23 anos.  Anniversario Pampero. 

Mid Shelf:  Bacardi Gold, Captain Morgan's, Malibu Mango, Malibu Coconut, Myers's Dark (Coruba Dark is preferred if you can find it.)

Skyy (Scott says "It's the only way to fly...")
vs. Grey Goose (This is a running debate around here.  Scott says Goose is just popular and overpriced.  Suzi kinda likes it.)

Tanqueray No. 10.
Bombay Saphire.

Top Shelf:   Herradura Anejo
Mid Shelf:  Jose Cuervo Gold
Crown Royal

Top Shelf:   Knob Creek.  Woodford's Reserve
Mid Shelf:   Maker's Mark

Grand Marnier.  Kahlua Especial.  Disaronno Amaretto.   Bailey's Irish Cream.  PAMA Pomegranate Flavored Liqueur.  Limoncello.   Hpnotiq.   Chambord.  Blackberry Brandy. 
Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapp's.  Dry Vermouth.   Sweet Vermouth. 
Angostura Bitters.  Agave Nectar.   Simple Syrup.

Trul Absinthium 1792.  Trul Absinthium Red.  Trul Absinthium
Le Muse Verte. (Our favorite Czech and French high thujone
Absinthe's, ordered from http://www.absinthe.fm/.)
You will have your own favorites and preferences, so feel free to substitute brands as you see fit.  The only rule is that you use good liquor.

Of course, you will need the proper bar tools and glassware.  A good shaker is a must.  Big Boy highball glasses, chilled soup bowl "up" glasses and frozen beer glasses are necessary.  Daquiri/girly drink glasses are helpful, as well as a wide assortment of toothpicks, stirrers, straws and proper garnishes.  (When we get to Absinthe we'll have to talk...)

The next thing you should know is that math is not too involved.  Scott generally free pours and eyeballs his measurements.  Mixology is as much an art as it is a science.  In our experience, the best cocktails are the ones you have a "feeling" for, rather than a strict, measured recipe.  Method of mixing is just as important (i.e. "shaken, not stirred" or "bruising" the liquor instead of simply mixing it.)  For those needing numerical volumes, this is about as good as it gets:          

1 Shot  = 1 oz
1 Jigger  = 1 1/2 oz
"Short Shot" = about 1/4-1/3 of a shot
"Splash" = fairly self-explanatory
"Threaten" = literally 1-3 drops
"Parts" = ratio for mixing large quantities

Happy mixing!  Cheers!


  1. We gotta get you guys a better top shelf bourbon. Knob Creek is great and all - but it's closer to this KY gal's mid shelf. You need Blanton's in your life. Basil Hayden is also good, but I'll take Blanton's any day over it.

  2. Hey Tracy, I guess you called us out on not really being bourbon drinkers. I'm partial to manhattans, but that's about it. My brothers and some good friends are big bourbon drinkers and they love Blanton's...they call it the birthday bourbon. And they treat themselves to Pappy Van Winkle at the holidays. But, thanks for the suggestion. Our bourbon selection should be more decadent!

  3. What, no Scotch?! Remember, if it's not "Scott-ish," it's crap! Add a bottle of Laphroaig to your collection ;) Cheers, and Merry Christmas!