Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grapefruit Juicy-Fruit

Scott came up with this drink years ago.  It is a twist on a Greyhound.  The nutty, sweet flavor of Amaretto combined with the tartness of grapefruit juice is a magical mixture.  It is amazingly refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to a day at the beach.

The first time we went to Haulover Beach in Miami, we drove down from Chattanooga and stayed at a little hotel on the beach.  We had planned to drink Grapefruit Juicy-Fruits on the beach.  We even brought our electric juicer and fresh grapefruits.  We started the day off by squeezing up some juice, making a batch of drinks and heading down to the beach.  There were multiple trips back to the hotel for more squeezing and drink making.  When we ran out of fresh fruit, we bought canned juice from the hotel.  We got trashed.  If you are not familiar with Haulover Beach, it is a nude beach.  The next morning we had aching heads and burnt buns, but what a fun day.

Grapefruit Juicy-Fruit

1 Jigger Skyy Vodka
1 Short Shot Amaretto
Fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice

Fill highball glass with ice.  Pour in liquors and fill with grapefruit juice.  Stir well. 
Best when enjoyed on a beach.

The name is, of course, from the Jimmy Buffett song.  We take a little license with the lyrics...

No bathing suit,
Chew a little juicy-fruit
Wash away the night
Yeah, you chew a little juicy-fruit
It's good for your soul"

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