Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Decadence Is What You Make It

Decadent drinks start with premium booze.  That's pretty simple.  But, that isn't the extent of it.  The art of decadent mixology is about creating decadence, or better yet, not even considering anything less than decadence in every drink.  Decadence is what you make it.

Scott and I recently returned from a vacation to Fraser, Colorado.  It was a three week trip all told, but ten glorious days in the Rocky Mountains.  While we did enjoy drinks and meals at a few local establishments, and we did  avail ourselves of the local cuisine (yes, much to my surprise, Rocky Mountains Oysters are real...I always thought it was a joke,) most nights we cooked in and made drinks from our own mobile bar.

Before leaving the Keys, we stocked up on 4 bottles of Ron Zacapa rum, the best rum in the world.  It's not easy to find outside of the Keys, so we weren't taking any chances.  Our mobile bar also included a bottle of El Dorado rum, a bottle of Grey Goose and a large Skyy.  When we got to Fraser, we picked up a bottle of Stoli Blueberry Vodka, a couple nice bottles of red wine and 2 bottles of bubbly.  Found a bottle of Orange Bitters in the spice cabinet of the rental house.
That was pretty much the extent of our bar.

Since we were cooking in about half the time, we had some basic ingredients in the 'fridge.  Juices, limes,celery and other assorted fruits and veggies, olives and hot sauce provided ingredients and garnish.  In addition, the rental house had a very well stocked spice cabinet.  Using these basic ingredients, we managed to create and enjoy quite a few Decadent Drinks.

Here are some of our Rocky Mountain Vacation Decadent Drinks -

Rocky Mountain Martini (Blueberry Martini)

As soon as we got to the mountains, the notion of rocky mountain oysters struck us as funny and the jokes just went on and on.  We found a local restaurant serving them, actually tried them (this story will be told at a later time) and the jokes just didn't stop.  At some point we decided that Rocky Mountain - anything - just meant it was made with balls!  

So, a Rocky Mtn Martini is like a regular martini, but made with balls! ... or blueberries. 

Simply shake Stoli Blueberry vodka on ice, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with 2 blueberries.

Enjoy!  (Best if served while enjoying a view of the Rocky Mountains.)

Goose Balls

Again, it's all about the joke...  
One thing our mobile bar did not include was vermouth.  So, martini's with Grey Goose, a tiny splash of olive juice, and 2 olives became Goose Balls.

The jokes about "Rocky Mountain" drinks even included the bartender at Smokin' Moe's Tavern in Winter Park, the proud server of the aforementioned "oysters."
Something of a mixologist himself, Austin whipped up his specialty, cherry-limeade, for our enjoyment... which we promptly garnished in the appropriate manner... much hilarity ensued ...

Angry Orange

This is a good example of making any drink a Decadent Drink.
Basically a screwdriver.  But, use good vodka, premium "not from concentrate" OJ, and add half a dozen good shakes of some orange bitters, and it becomes so much more than a boring old screwdriver...it becomes the Angry Orange.

Watermelon Mojito's
Another classic example that decadence is what you make it.

Last day in Colorado, we were trying to eat and drink up the ingredients of our kitchen before packing up to start the road trip home the next day.  With a little premium rum remaining, good fresh watermelon from the local market, limes, and some dried mint found in the spice cabinet, Scott made us a couple batches of Watermelon Mojito's.  Yes, he is tending bar in his Star Trek robe...it was a good vacation!

Hot Tub Bloody Mary's

Normal Bloody Mary's, made with V8 juice and Louisiana Hot Sauce, garnished with olives and celery ... 
Best when enjoyed while soaking in a hot tub looking at the Rocky Mountains.

Elk Shots
Then there were Elk Shots.  We found these fabulous shot glasses that just scream "Rock Mountains!" 
So, shots of "Somethin' in the somthin'" were mixed: some rum, OJ, POM, lime and orange bitters. 
Pour into Elk shot glasses and ... antlers up!  
Antlers down...

Last Day Happy Hour Sangria

It's the last day of vacation, and there is still half a bottle of red wine.  Instead of pouring it out, why not make a Last Day Happy Hour Sangria?

Use the remaining half bottle of red wine, add a good big shot of the last of the blueberry vodka, mix in some orange and pomegranate juices, muddle in a handful of blueberries, squeeze in some lime wedges and add ice.  Serve in a glass made for 2, add 2 straws, cheers!

John Denver Iced Tea
Iced Tea and Vodka with a lime wedge.  Simple as that.  But, brewed, mixed and enjoyed  Rocky Mountain High.

We would love to hear about some of your own Decadent Drink ideas and creations.  

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