Sunday, November 20, 2011

Key Largo Lemonade

The name of our island is Key Largo.  We moved here from the great state of Tennessee, and used to live less than 100 miles from Lynchberg, where they make Jack Daniels.  Neither of us have ever been big whiskey drinkers, but Scott would from time to time make the classic Lynchberg Lemonade.  Suzi never liked it at all. 

Back in 2007 Suzi needed a DIVA drink idea so she went to Scott for help, like she did every year.  DIVA Fest is Suzi’s annual all girl vacation.  One of the highlights of the DIVA week is the themed happy hours.  Scott always helps her come up with a tasty and usually original concoction for the occasion. 
So that year he came up with a twist on the Lynchberg Lemonade, using rum instead of whiskey and making it a pretty and very key-sy pink... and viola, Key Largo Lemonade was born.  
It was a big hit with the DIVA’s, and quite yummy served with bacon wrapped scallops.

It was a big hit again at Becky’s Beachin’ Birthday Bash in May 2008, when we built a beach in north Georgia for Beck’s 50th birthday.   We made up large batches in sun tea jars and served them from the tiki bar.  Special glasses were printed for the event (thanks Dad!) 

Funny side story to this drink’s history is that the rum of choice isn’t made anymore.  We found the Pirates Choice Key Lime Rum in our local liquor store, liked the name and bought it.  Turned out it was perfect for this new drink so we started buying a lot of it.  Scott even ran into the distributor at Cheeca Lodge bar one night and told him about Key Largo Lemonade.  The guy was tickled.  He took the recipe and said he was going to have it added as an official recipe for the rum.  We never heard any more about it.  And unfortunately, we must have been the only people buying it because they quit making it.  There are other key lime rums…Parrot’s Bay makes a pretty good one.  But if you see Pirates Choice, get it.

Key Largo Lemonade

1 shot Key Lime Rum
1 shot Malibu Mango Rum
Pink Lemonade
Lemon slices and maraschino cherries for garnish

Pour rums over ice, fill a hurricane glass almost full with pink lemonade and top with a splash of 7-up.  Garnish by floating a lemon slice on top with a cherry in the middle and a straw.


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