Sunday, November 20, 2011


We were first introduced to this drink at Timberline Resort in Crossville TN, the first nudist resort we ever visited.  It is a particularly memorable experience to have shaken the Yucca jar with a group of naked people… centrifugal force and all…

This was also another DIVA drink.  Suzi tried to get the girls kicked out of their condo complex the first year by making this her happy hour drink. 

Complaints to management included, “They are gyrating their hips” and “They have a watermelon.”  To this day, we aren’t sure why anyone was so offended by gyrating hips or by a watermelon. 

If they had known that the towel wrapped package being shaken by a bunch of drunk gyrating women was actually a glass jar not a watermelon at all, they really would have had something to complain about!

The next time you have a group of scantily clad (or less) people and want a group activity drink, get out your suntea jar, squeeze some lemons, get shaking and have some fun in the sun!

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